Only to the extent that we expose ourselves over and over to annihilation can that which is indestructible be found in us.
— Pema Chodron, When Things Fall Apart



I work with children, adolescents and adults in individual, confidential 50 minute sessions specifically designed to help them to grapple with whatever challenge may have prompted them to seek out services.  Many different factors may lead a person to seek out therapy, and it's important to remember that treatment is not relegated to individuals dealing with "mental health disorders". Oftentimes life's stressors, abrupt life changes, family transitions or the loss of a loved one are qualified by the dominant culture as "normal", and therefore it's assumed that they are easily experienced on one's own. Therapy provides clients with the opportunity to share these experiences with a trusted individual, as well as to help an individual articulate their new voice in a new chapter of their life.  


I work with couples whose relationships may be facing transition or challenges, helping to honor the voices of both partners and to re-align them in their movement forward. I've found it useful for each member of the couple to meet with me individually for one session after the initial meeting, so I can help to clarify the position of each person in the partnership and strategize methods that might be useful in moving the relationship forward in subsequent sessions with both individuals. Couples therapy is incredibly powerful, and holds great value for those partners that seek it out. Although I offer treatment for all couples who feel it would be useful, I specialize in working with couples and families that have been through birth trauma and are struggling to cope with it. Going through preterm birth, infant loss, miscarriage or birth complications can trigger tremendous stress and grief within a coupling, and it can be very challenging for that couple to survive intact given the many different ways that individuals cope. 


Oftentimes when an individual is struggling with a problem, it is beneficial for that individual's entire family to receive therapy. Much like partnerships, families themselves transform a few individuals into the parts of an entity unto itself.  The relationships within a family are complex and full of depth; when one person in a family "system" is struggling with life pressures, it's often indicative of change or stress happening within the system. Family therapy can be very empowering, as it can highlight the strengths of a family and provide an environment in which families can practice more productive ways of communicating. It can also uncover the different "roles" each individual plays in a family, showing the group how each person is necessary in making the family "whole".


I provide support groups for families with a child currently in the NICU. I am a certified SoulCollage® group facilitator, and occasionally schedule art therapy groups with adolescents as well. I offer team-building and self-care groups to organizations interested in building strong relationships amongst staff members and in providing containment/care for staff in highly stressful fields.