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I provide telephone and Skype sessions to individuals who are unable to attend physical meetings in my office.  This method can be extraordinarily useful to individuals/families who currently have a child in the NICU or who have been recently released from the NICU and are on quarantine. Skype sessions offer a different "feel" from traditional, office therapy in that they make it more challenging for me to pick up on subtle, body-language cues. You will be responsible to ensure your own confidentiality while speaking with me (our sessions will be confidential in my office and on the internet even if it's a Skype/telephone session), so it is best if you can find a time when you have privacy to schedule an appointment. Additionally, we will need to collaboratively develop a "safety plan" for what steps we will take should you feel you need a higher level of care or that things have become unsafe for any reason. I provide online (Skype) therapy through