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Kara Wahlin is a postmodern marriage and family therapist in private practice located in the Coachella Valley of Southern California. Kara provides person-centered therapeutic services, specializing in working with adolescents, children, and individuals/families learning how to cope with trauma and its effects. 

Trained in art therapy and postmodernism, Kara has worked with adolescent clients in residential treatment, autistic children, children with behavioral issues, women recently released from the prison system, families, individuals and children in a clinical setting, and families healing from traumatic experiences. Kara possesses deep compassion for her clients, and she strives to create a safe space for them to face their challenges and to find reprieve. 

After having gone through the spontaneous preterm birth of her twin sons, William and Elliott, and the subsequent loss of William and lengthy hospitalization of Elliott, Kara has made it her passion to reach out to other women and families going through the NICU experience.   

Kara deeply believes in the strength of her clients to thrive in the face of life's challenges, and strives to help her clients  to identify their own unique strengths and abilities in moving forward. She believes that clients are the "experts" regarding their own life stories, and sees herself as in a role to both honor that expertise and to empower her clients to take up agency in resolving the problems that they face. 




All images and artwork are the personal creations of Kara Wahlin MFT © 2013